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Welcome to the WebML site :.

Modeling the Web:.
The Web Modeling Language is a visual notation for specifying the content, composition, and navigation features of hypertext applications, building on ER, BPMN and UML.
WebML becomes IFML :.
WebML is now converging into IFML (Interaction Flow Modeling Language), the new standard adopted by OMG (the Object Management Group) for UI modeling. Find out more about this story here.
Tool Support :.
WebML is accompanied by the development platform WebRatio, which automatically generates fully functional applications from WebML models.
WebRatio is free for teaching and research activities. Free trial version available too.
Teaching Resources :.
Tutorials, slides, solved exercises, and many other is available for professionals, teachers and students for building a complete training program on all the aspects of Web development. 
WebRatio BPM :.  

WebRatio BPM integrates BPMN 2.0 and WebML modeling with model transformation and quick prototyping. WebRatio BPM: BPMN + WebML. Download the free BPMN editor and prototype generator!

WebML materials in Polish :.

A new section of this site containing Polish descriptions and materials of WebML is a now available here thanks to the collaboration of Lublin University of Technology

Last update: April 2013

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Latest News :.
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The WebML Book :.
"Designing Data-Intensive Web Applications": resources and tour

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