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WebRatio: the Model-Driven application development platform for IFML, BPMN, and WebML :.
The WebML modeling language (i.e., the Web extension of the IFML standard modeling language by OMG) and its accompanying design method are currently implemented in a commercial application development platform, called WebRatio.
WebRatio is a Model-Driven application development platform. You can visually program Web & Mobile application instead of writing code.Business experts and IT professionals work close together to rapidly develop a robust, secure, scalable enterprise application in a fraction (a third or less) of the time compared to a non model–driven development cycle.
The WebRatio smart code generation technology automatically builds applications ready for production. To create amazing customer facing application with WebRatio you have full control over your visual identity. In fact you can not only import existing HTML/CSS template but also write your own templates to generate custom front end responsive web&mobile user interfaces.
With WebRatio you can deploy your applications on premises or in the cloud. WebRatio modeling tecnology is built on top of the open standards Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML) and Business Process Model Notation (BPMN), both OMG Standards.