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WebML is a live project, in continuous evolution. In this section you can find the chronology of all the posted announcements and news concerning the WebML language, its implementation, the projects being developed in companies and organizations, and its adoption in teaching programmes around the world.
[03/04/2013]Paper on Success Story of WebML and WebRatio published by Elsevier Journal
SCICO Special Issue on Success Stories on Model Driven Engineering (MDE)
[10/29/2010]Addressing Business Process Management: slides and experiences on BPM and WebML
New materials are now available on BPM trends and how they can be addressed by combining WebML and BPMN.
[04/01/2008]New Category on Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications
[03/26/2007]New section on WebML modeling with UML
New section on WebML modeling with UML
[03/25/2007]New version of the WebML metamodel for MagicDraw©
New version of the WebML metamodel for MagicDraw©
[12/12/2006]New Categories on Model Driven Functional Size Estimation and Model Driven Testing
New Categories on Model Driven Functional Size Estimation and <i>Model Driven Testing
[06/20/2006]New Category on Semantic Web Applications
New Category on Semantic Web Applications
[06/20/2006]WebML team succesfully partecipated to SWS Challenge 2006
WebML and Cefriel implementaion is the most complete one!
[01/16/2006]New Category on Recent ACM Transactions on WebML
[09/26/2005]Paper on Asynchronous Web Services Communication Patterns in Business Protocols
A paper on asynchronous Web services communication patterns in business protocols has been accepted and will be presented at WISE 2005 conference
[09/26/2005]New Category on Adaptive Web Applications
[05/20/2005]SIGMOD 2005 Industrial paper on WebML and services
[05/15/2005]WebML papers at ICWE'05, Sydney
4 papers have been accepted at the International Conference on Web Engineering
[05/10/2005]Paper on Exception Handling presented at WWW'05, Tokyo
A paper on workflow-based exception handling has been accepted and presented at WWW 2005 International conference, Chiba, Japan
[05/14/2004]New papers available
Three new papers just published within renowed international conferences are available for download
[02/17/2004]Workflow and Web service materials
New research materials (papers, tutorials and posters) are available
[10/07/2003]Italian edition of WebML book, site and materials
The Italian edition of the WebML bookhas been published. The site and teaching materials are now available in Italian too.
[06/16/2003]New paper on model-driven quality evaluation of Web applications
WebML empowers quality evaluation with Conceptual Web Logs
[12/16/2002]The WebML book is out!
Published by Morgan Kauffman, the book illustrates the model-driven approach to Web application development