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WebML papers :.
WebML is the result of more than six years of continuous research on Web development. You can trace the history of WebML and stay tuned on the ongoing and future work on the subject by frequently visiting this area, where we collect all the papers have that been published about the WebML model. We also provide the literature relevant to a number of collateral issues, like  hypertext semantics, Web usability, and Web services integration.
Web Modeling
Designing data-intensive web applications for content accessibility using Web Marts. CACM 2007
Designing Web Applications with WebML and WebRatio. In book: "Web Engineering: Modelling and Implementing Web Applications." 2007
WebRatio 5: An Eclipse-Based CASE Tool for Engineering Web Applications. ICWE 2007
Recent ACM Transactions on WebML
Model-Driven Design and Deployment of Service-Enabled Web Applications, ACM TOIT 2005
Model-Driven Design and Development of Semantic Web Service Applications, ACM TOIT 2008
Model-driven Development of Context-Aware Web Applications, ACM TOIT 2007
Process Modeling in Web Applications, ACM TOSEM, 2006
Web Services
A CASE tool for modelling and automatically generating web service-enabled applications. IJWET 2006
Conceptual modeling of Web applications featuring e-services and workflows. SEBD 2003
Exploring the combined potential of Web sites and Web services WWW 2003
Managing Asynchronous Web Services Interactions. ICWS 2004
Model-driven Design of Service-enabled Web Applications, Sigmod Industrial 2005
Workflow-Driven Web Applications
A Distributed Information System to Coordinate and Support Business Process Execution in a Cluster of Firms. GITM 2007
Constrain Tuning and Management for Web Applications, ICWE 2006
Generation of WebML Web Application Models, ICWE 2006
Process Modeling in Web Applications. TOSEM, 2006
Una Piattaforma di Servizi Avanzata a Supporto di Distretti Cooperativi: il Progetto Discorso. ITAIS 2007
Adaptive Web Applications
Model-driven Development of Context-Aware Web Applications, ACM TOIT 2007
Model-Driven Engineering of Active Context-Awareness. WWWJ 2007
Specification, Authoring, and Prototyping of Personalized Workplace Learning Solutions. IJLT 2007
The UM-MAIS Methodology for Multi-channel Adaptive Web Information Systems. WWWJ 2007
Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications
A Behavioral Model for Rich Internet Applications. ICWE 2007
An e-Learning collaborative RIA environment for Web Application Modeling and Code Generation. DEXA Workshops 2007
Building Community-Based Web Applications With a Model-Driven Approach and Design Pattern (DRAFT)
Capturing RIA Concepts in a Web Modeling Language, WWW 2006
Conceptual Modeling and Code Generation for Rich Internet Applications. ICWE 2006
Designing Rich Internet Applications with Web Engineering Methodologies WSE 2007
Modeling Distributed Events in Data-Intensive Rich Internet Applications. WISE 2007
Semantic Web Applications
Building Semantic Web Portals with WebML. ICWE 2007
Design Abstractions for Innovative Web Applications: The Case of the SOA Augmented with Semantics ESWC 2007
Extending WebML towards Semantic Web: WWW 2007
Model-Driven Design and Development of Semantic Web Service Applications, ACM TOIT 2008
Semantic Personalization of Web Portal Contents: WWW 2007
Service discovery with SWE-ET and DIANE - A comparative evaluation by means of solutions to a common scenario. ICEIS 2007
The SWS Mediator with WebML/WebRatio and JABC/JETI: a comparison. ICEIS 2007
Towards semantic interoperability - In depth comparison of two approaches to solving Semantic Web Service Challenge mediation tasks. ICEIS 2007
Web Applications semantics
A Behavioral Model for Rich Internet Applications. ICWE 2007
Model Driven Functional Size Estimation
Automating Function Point Analysis with Model Driven Development, CASCON 2006
Model Driven Testing
Towards Model-Driven Testing of a Web Application Generator, ICWE 2005
Modeling of e-Learning Web applications
Bridging the gap between instructional design and double loop learning. IJWLTT 2008.
COOPER: Towards a Collaborative Open Environment of Project-Centred Learning. EC-TEL 2006
Enabling Project-Centred Learning through Flexible Processes: the COOPER Experience. COOPER 2007
Flexible Processes in Project-Centred Learning. EC-TEL 2007
Model-Driven Design of VoIP Services for E-Learning. COOPER 2007
Specification, Authoring, and Prototyping of Personalized Workplace Learning Solutions. IJLT 2007
Model-driven Quality Evaluation
Designing and Mining Web Applications: A Conceptual Modeling Approach. Idea Group 2007
Employing Inductive Databases in Concrete Applications. LNCS 2006
Exploiting Conceptual Modeling for Web Application Quality Evaluation. WWW 2004
Integrating Web Conceptual Modelling and Web Usage Mining. LNCS 2006
Applications and Case-Studies
Developing eBusiness solutions with a Model Driven Approach, IMP2006
Developing eBusiness Solutions with a Model Driven Approach: The Case of Acer EMEA. ICWE 2007
WebML modeling in UML
A UML 2.0 Profile for WebML Modeling. MDWE 2006
WebML Modeling in UML. IET 2007
Papers on related topics
Applying Web-based Networking Protocols and Software Architectures for providing adaptivity, personalization, and remotization features to Industrial Human Machine Interface Applications". IEEE AINA 2007
Automatic Display Layout in WebML: a Web Engineering Approach. ICWE 2007
Automatic Generation of Workflow-Extended Domain Models. MoDELS 2007
Bringing Internet Architectures into the Plant: The Case of HMI". IEEE ECC 2007
Generating Extended Conceptual Schemas from Business Process Models. SEBD 2007
MDWEnet: A Practical Approach to Achieving Interoperability of Model-Driven Web Engineering Methods. ICWE 2007
Tool Support for Model Checking of Web Application Designs. ICWE 2007
Web Usability: Principles and Evaluation Methods. 2006
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